• Solar Panels - Florida Business Innovation Solar Project in Central Florida to Serve Municipal Utilities - The Florida Municipal Power Agency has announced a new large-scale solar energy project that is expected to start operating in 2020. The new project is expected to include about 900,000 solar panels that will be installed at 3 locations in
  • Florida Auto Insurance - Florida Personal Insurance Auto Sales Declining in Florida and Many Other States - The number of households that do not have a car has become more common than 5 years ago. According to the American Census Bureau, there was an increase of about 500,000 more households that decided against owning or leasing a
  • Assault & Hostage Crisis Insurance How Insurance Coverages Apply to an Assault and Hostage Crisis - By Alyssia Totten - In 2017, there were 344 reported mass shooting events, and at least 15,549 gun deaths. In 2018, there have already been 3,284 deaths and 5,739 injuries. In addition to the terrible loss of life, there is
  • Florida Human Resources, Recruiting and Retaining 4 Tips for Finding, Hiring, Training and Retaining the Right Employees - One of the most common struggles small businesses report is finding, hiring, training and retaining the best talent in their industry.  Businesses that are successful leverage a custom approach that involves each step of the process, from recruitment and hiring
  • Florida Personal Insurance 11 Ways to Protect Yourself from Credit Card Scams and Fraud - Every year, millions of Americans are victims of credit card fraud. Over the past two years, customers have been getting used to the new credit cards with a chip that looks like a shiny, silver square. While shoppers may not
  • Florida Hurricane Insurance Above-Average Atlantic Hurricane Season Predicted for 2018 - Weather forecasters are predicting a busier than usual hurricane season in 2018. Hurricane researchers at Colorado State University (CSU) are anticipating an above-average number of tropical storms this year on the Eastern seaboard. The Atlantic hurricane season starts June 1st
  • Florida Employee Benefits How Will Tax Reform Impact Employee Benefits Plans? - Tax reform was a major focus for the federal government towards the end of 2017. The final bill that passed in December includes a considerable reduction in the corporate tax rate and tax cuts for many individual taxpayers. It also
  • Florida Auto Insurance, Florida Personal Insurance Will GM Cars Be Your Next AirBnB? - General Motors (GM) is rolling out a pilot program that will allow car owners to rent out their vehicles when they are not using them, similar to the AirBnB real estate program. Testing will begin this summer through a car-sharing
  • IRS TAS - Florida Individual Insurance Resolving Tax Issues May Be Easier Than You Think - Dealing with the IRS is stressful for most taxpayers, but getting help may be easier than you think. The IRS offers a process to help taxpayers resolve their tax disputes faster, easier and with less stress. If you are in a dispute
  • Florida Flood Insurance High Florida Groundwater Major Contributor to Inland Flooding - The threat of inland flooding in South Florida is increasing due to high groundwater levels and the need to protect fresh water from salt water intrusion. High groundwater in South Florida is a major contributor to flooding inland, especially during

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