• Florida Employee Recruitment - Florida Employee Benefits 5 Ways to Help Your Business Recruit Top Talent - Human resource professionals across many industries are finding it increasingly difficult to hire highly talented employees. Health, social assistance and manufacturing industries appear to be having the toughest time recruiting qualified candidates, but most industries are having a tough time
  • Florida Flood Insurance - Florida Property Insurance Sea Level Rise and Tidal Flooding Threaten Florida Communities - As rising sea levels in Florida continue to ascend, flooding is expected to become more common. By 2030, Miami can expect the frequency of tidal flooding to increase nearly eightfold – from about six per year to more than 45
  • ACA Cadillac Tax - Florida Employee Benefits ACA Cadillac Tax Delayed to 2022 - The short-term spending bill that ended the government shut down on January 22nd included a small provision that delayed the so-called “Affordable Care Act (ACA) Cadillac Tax” to 2022. The tax, nicknamed the Cadillac Tax because it targets employer-sponsored health
  • Florida Flood Insurance Florida Faces Greater Flood Risk Than All Other States - Florida faces more risk of flooding than any other state. This was the finding of a report funded by former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and other members of the Risky Business initiative, founded to assess and increase public awareness
  • Florida Property Insurance - Florida Personal Insurance Safeguarding Your Valuable Holiday Gifts - If you happened to be fortunate enough to receive some expensive holiday gifts, especially jewelry, art, or smart toys, extra precaution should be taken to safeguard those gifts. They fall into several top categories targeted for theft including cars, smart
  • Florida Human Resources, Recruiting and Retaining 6 Benefits of Intern Programs in Today’s Workplace - Internships have become essential in today’s economy. According to a survey administered by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE): 7% of interns are offered full-time positions 6% of these offers were accepted 3% of fulltime, entry-level new hires
  • Florida Business Innovation - Cyber Liability Insurance Are Brainwaves the Passwords of the Future? - It's a new year, a good time to ponder new and emerging technologies that could impact our future. Are brainwaves the passwords of the future? Reports of cyber attacks and hacking are increasing almost daily. For this reason, there is
  • Florida Personal Insurance 5 Smart Ways to Secure Jewelry from Home Theft - Just in case you received a shiny new piece of valuable jewelry for the holidays, or were fortunate enough to already have some, you may wish to learn five ways to secure these valuables from theft. Home safety statistics reveal
  • Florida Cyber Liability Insurance New Cyber Security Risks Expected to Appear in 2018 - A new report by security firm McAfee says cyber attackers will develop new strategies in 2018. After a year of devastating cyber breaches and attacks, online criminals are expected to be even more destructive in 2018. Cyber attack risks include
  • Lanier Upshaw Toy Drive Donations Lanier Upshaw Casual Fridays Get Formal with Employee Toy Drive Donations - FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Every Friday, Lanier Upshaw employees are invited to get casual and wear jeans to work in exchange for a $5 contribution to the firm’s charity of the year. This year, employees chose to donate to The Christmas

Business is risky. You can choose to let it drag you down,
or you can explore the upside of risk.

Think of your most pressing problems: cost, time and anticipating what's around the next corner. Imagine if you could turn costs into profits, beat the clock, and start unraveling the mystery of the unknown
The drag and pull of business risk now starts to look like possibility, knowledge, success - even growth.
At Lanier Upshaw, we invite you to explore the upside of risk. We use advocacy, expertise and service to turn your business risks into rewards.

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