• Florida Hurricane Insurance Above-Average Atlantic Hurricane Season Predicted for 2018 - Weather forecasters are predicting a busier than usual hurricane season in 2018. Hurricane researchers at Colorado State University (CSU) are anticipating an above-average number of tropical storms this year on the Eastern seaboard. The Atlantic hurricane season starts June 1st
  • Florida Employee Benefits How Will Tax Reform Impact Employee Benefits Plans? - Tax reform was a major focus for the federal government towards the end of 2017. The final bill that passed in December includes a considerable reduction in the corporate tax rate and tax cuts for many individual taxpayers. It also
  • Florida Auto Insurance, Florida Personal Insurance Will GM Cars Be Your Next AirBnB? - General Motors (GM) is rolling out a pilot program that will allow car owners to rent out their vehicles when they are not using them, similar to the AirBnB real estate program. Testing will begin this summer through a car-sharing
  • IRS TAS - Florida Individual Insurance Resolving Tax Issues May Be Easier Than You Think - Dealing with the IRS is stressful for most taxpayers, but getting help may be easier than you think. The IRS offers a process to help taxpayers resolve their tax disputes faster, easier and with less stress. If you are in a dispute
  • Florida Flood Insurance High Florida Groundwater Major Contributor to Inland Flooding - The threat of inland flooding in South Florida is increasing due to high groundwater levels and the need to protect fresh water from salt water intrusion. High groundwater in South Florida is a major contributor to flooding inland, especially during
  • Florida Employee Retention - Florida Business Insurance Consumer Driven Healthcare Plans – Empowering Employees While Controlling Healthcare Costs - What are consumer driven health plans, and why are employers attempting to change employee healthcare behavior? Under traditional healthcare plans, most employees don’t worry about the cost of their prescription, if it is generic or a brand name – as their
  • Augmented Reality Strategy Image - Construction Image Why Every Business Should Consider an Augmented Reality Strategy - Annual spending on augmented reality is expected to soar to $60 billion by 2020. Augmented reality is the use of technology that superimposes digital data with images from the real world. This emerging technology promises to close the gap between
  • Florida Employee Recruitment - Florida Employee Benefits 5 Ways to Help Your Business Recruit Top Talent - Human resource professionals across many industries are finding it increasingly difficult to hire highly talented employees. Health, social assistance and manufacturing industries appear to be having the toughest time recruiting qualified candidates, but most industries are having a tough time
  • Florida Flood Insurance - Florida Property Insurance Sea Level Rise and Tidal Flooding Threaten Florida Communities - As rising sea levels in Florida continue to ascend, flooding is expected to become more common. By 2030, Miami can expect the frequency of tidal flooding to increase nearly eightfold – from about six per year to more than 45
  • ACA Cadillac Tax - Florida Employee Benefits ACA Cadillac Tax Delayed to 2022 - The short-term spending bill that ended the government shut down on January 22nd included a small provision that delayed the so-called “Affordable Care Act (ACA) Cadillac Tax” to 2022. The tax, nicknamed the Cadillac Tax because it targets employer-sponsored health

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