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  • Lanier Upshaw Forida Boat Insurance, Florida Personal Insurance Inside the Impressive World of Superyachts - A superyacht is a luxury sailing or motor water craft. In order to be classified as a superyacht, the yacht must be 79 feet in length or longer. Superyachts are very expensive, owned privately and have a professional crew aboard.
  • Tesla 22274503931_d4ab7729fd_b Could Driverless Cars Increase Florida Traffic? - In the mind of many experts, autonomous vehicles are inevitable. There is widespread interest in self-driving cars, thanks to Google, a pioneer in the self-driving car space. Autonomously-driven cars are equipped with multiple sensors, cameras and have logged hundreds of
  • Florida Cyber Liability Insurance Types of Coverages Included in Cyber Liability Insurance - Data security experts agree that no matter the size or scale of your business, a data breach is inevitable. In fact, it’s possible that your data has already been compromised and you aren’t even aware that a breach has occurred. As
  • Florida cyber liability insurance 10 Equifax Hangover Remedies - There is no magic cure for the Equifax data breach hangover that 145 million of us (actually all of us) are all feeling, but there are a few things people can do to potentially alleviate some of the symptoms. If
  • Lanier Upshaw Florida Home Insurance Florida Home Burglary Prevention Tips - Home burglary is a serious concern for all of us. According to the Bureau of Justice, there are 84.4 home burglaries or theft per 1,000 homes per year in the U.S. Protecting your family starts with protecting your home. Here are
  • Florida Business Innovation - Florida Business Insurance How Will Tiny Digital Sensors Impact The Future of Business - Digital sensors as small as a grain of sand or dust are now being designed and perfected, signaling the introduction of miniaturized sensors into every aspect of our lives. The smaller computers get, the more useful they become. An example
  • Smart Watch - Florida Personal Insurance Smartwatch Technology Can Help Seniors Age Independently - People are living longer, by 2030 there will be 1 billion people aged 65 and older – 1 in 8 of the world’s inhabitants. Living independently is a fundamental desire among elders. But as we grow older, simple things can become
  • Help Irma Victims How to Help Hurricane Irma Victims - The year 2017 has been an especially active hurricane season. There have been 13 unnamed storms in the Atlantic and, in the past four weeks, three major hurricanes have ravaged the United States. The first major storm was Hurricane Harvey, which
  • Florida Hurricane Insurance - Florida Home Owners Insurance Hurricane Claims Loss Protocol - At Lanier Upshaw, we are here to assist clients with all of their claims needs. If you need to file a claim related to the hurricane(s), follow these important loss protocols to ensure your claim is complete, that you list
  • Hurricane Car In House - Florida Property Insurance Beware of These 4 Scams that Target Hurricane Victims - In the midst of natural disasters such as Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, there are inspiring stories of rescue and generosity. Invariably though, those heartwarming tales are followed by some unfortunate stories of scams and fraud. All too often, storm survivors

Business is risky. You can choose to let it drag you down,
or you can explore the upside of risk.

Think of your most pressing problems: cost, time and anticipating what's around the next corner. Imagine if you could turn costs into profits, beat the clock, and start unraveling the mystery of the unknown
The drag and pull of business risk now starts to look like possibility, knowledge, success - even growth.
At Lanier Upshaw, we invite you to explore the upside of risk. We use advocacy, expertise and service to turn your business risks into rewards.

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