• Florida Driverless Cars - Florida Auto Insurance Walmart Tests Driverless Car Grocery Pickup Service - The future is here and will soon be delivering groceries. Multinational retail chain Walmart has partnered with Waymo, Google’s self-driving car project, to test a pilot program that will allow people to pick up their groceries using an autonomous vehicle.
  • Florida Hurricane Preparation - Florida Hurricane Insurance 10 Ways to Prepare Your Home and Family for a Hurricane - Hurricane season is upon us. While no one wants to experience a hurricane, the experts at Lanier Upshaw encourage everyone to prepare their home in case a storm does hit Florida. Here are 10 hurricane home tips for being prepared in
  • Florida cyber liability insurance Emerging Machine Learning Tech Improving Cybersecurity Protection - In March 2018, Orbitz announced a major security breach that likely exposed information from at least 880,000 customer payment cards, including people’s names, dates of birth, email addresses, street addresses, and genders. The breach occurred sometime between October and December 2017
  • Lanier Upshaw Best Place To Work for Lanier Upshaw Selected as Top 100 Company to Work For - FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Lakeland, FL July 27, 2018 Lanier Upshaw Selected as a Top 100 Company to Work For Lanier Upshaw was once again, named as one of Florida’s Best Companies To Work For. The annual Best Companies list is featured
  • Robocall Image - Florida Business Innovation 6 Ways to Stop Those Annoying Robocalls - Is your cell phone flooded with calls from robots and telemarketers? You’re not alone. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC), the nation’s top telecom regulator, reports that consumers receive an estimated 2.4 billion robocalls per month. The FCC adopted new rules
  • Driverless Vehicles and Florida Auto Insurance How Will Driverless Vehicles Impact the Auto and Insurance Industry? - By Clint Rhoton While it may seem like a scene out of a science-fiction novel, self-driving cars are now a reality. Even more incredible is that the technology behind autonomous vehicles is improving on a daily basis due to machine
  • Florida Flood Insurance - Florida Property Insurance 12 Hurricane Tips to Help the Elderly and People with Health Issues - The tragic deaths of 12 nursing home residents who lost power following Hurricane Irma last year highlights the extra attention that is needed to help the elderly and other vulnerable people during a hurricane. Their deaths have been ruled homicides. The
  • Florida Business Innovation - Florida Auto Insurance Smartphone Entry Security Challenge for the Auto Industry - A hot topic within the auto industry today centers around connected vehicles. A connected vehicle is wired with cutting-edge technology and “connected” to the internet.  Auto manufacturers now work closely with major tech companies, like Microsoft, to develop connected cars.
  • Florida Hurricane Preparation - Florida Hurricane Insurance Make Your Mobile Device your Best Friend in a Hurricane - Your smartphone or tablet can be your best friend in the event of a hurricane. There are many websites and apps that you can use to guide you through a storm’s approach, arrival and recovery. At risk of overstating the
  • Assault and Hostage Crisis Planning - Assault and Hostage Crisis Insurance Crisis Response Planning – Preparing for the Unpredictable - By Alyssia Totten – The number of armed attacks by active shooters and assailants in the U.S. continue to rise. Additionally, the nature and landscape of terrorism is changing. Although locations are unforeseeable, terrorist attacks are usually in crowded public

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