• Driverless Vehicles and Florida Auto Insurance How Will Driverless Vehicles Impact the Auto and Insurance Industry? - By Clint Rhoton While it may seem like a scene out of a science-fiction novel, self-driving cars are now a reality. Even more incredible is that the technology behind autonomous vehicles is improving on a daily basis due to machine
  • Florida Flood Insurance - Florida Property Insurance 12 Hurricane Tips to Help the Elderly and People with Health Issues - The tragic deaths of 12 nursing home residents who lost power following Hurricane Irma last year highlights the extra attention that is needed to help the elderly and other vulnerable people during a hurricane. Their deaths have been ruled homicides. The
  • Florida Business Innovation - Florida Auto Insurance Smartphone Entry Security Challenge for the Auto Industry - A hot topic within the auto industry today centers around connected vehicles. A connected vehicle is wired with cutting-edge technology and “connected” to the internet.  Auto manufacturers now work closely with major tech companies, like Microsoft, to develop connected cars.
  • Florida Hurricane Preparation - Florida Hurricane Insurance Make Your Mobile Device your Best Friend in a Hurricane - Your smartphone or tablet can be your best friend in the event of a hurricane. There are many websites and apps that you can use to guide you through a storm’s approach, arrival and recovery. At risk of overstating the
  • Assault and Hostage Crisis Planning - Assault and Hostage Crisis Insurance Crisis Response Planning – Preparing for the Unpredictable - By Alyssia Totten – The number of armed attacks by active shooters and assailants in the U.S. continue to rise. Additionally, the nature and landscape of terrorism is changing. Although locations are unforeseeable, terrorist attacks are usually in crowded public
  • Florida Property Insurance - Florida Sinkhole Insurance Is Your Home Protected from Sinkhole Damage? - You’ve probably seen news coverage of sinkholes swallowing houses and you may be wondering if your home would be covered if a sinkhole causes damage. Property in Florida is especially susceptible; while the U.S. Geological Survey estimates that 35 –
  • Florida Human Resources, Florida Business Insurance 5 Tips to Help Your Job Posting Stand Out - Recruiting is becoming progressively more challenging in the current climate. Your job posting is often your very first contact with a potential employee, and in this competitive job market, you need your job posting to stand out. It’s important that
  • Solar Panels - Florida Business Innovation Solar Project in Central Florida to Serve Municipal Utilities - The Florida Municipal Power Agency has announced a new large-scale solar energy project that is expected to start operating in 2020. The new project is expected to include about 900,000 solar panels that will be installed at 3 locations in
  • Florida Auto Insurance - Florida Personal Insurance Auto Sales Declining in Florida and Many Other States - The number of households that do not have a car has become more common than 5 years ago. According to the American Census Bureau, there was an increase of about 500,000 more households that decided against owning or leasing a
  • Assault & Hostage Crisis Insurance How Insurance Coverages Apply to an Assault and Hostage Crisis - By Alyssia Totten - In 2017, there were 344 reported mass shooting events, and at least 15,549 gun deaths. In 2018, there have already been 3,284 deaths and 5,739 injuries. In addition to the terrible loss of life, there is

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