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6 Tips for Onboarding Your New Florida Employees

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The process of orienting new employees is known as “employee onboarding.” It is imperative that your business makes an effort to welcome new employees and make them feel valued and prepared for their new position. Taking the time to plan out how your new employees will be introduced into your business will impact their future performance and ability to achieve their goals as well as the satisfaction level they perceive in their new job.

Here are 6 tips for onboarding a new Florida hire to help them quickly get up to speed:

1. Send the new employee necessary paperwork and reading materials ahead of time so they don’t waste time on these important but routine tasks.

2. Create a plan for their first week on the job. Planning ahead is always a good idea to make things run smoother. In the case of on-boarding a new employee, consider creating an agenda for how things will go their first week. Review their job description and use it as a checklist for how you’ll orient them on each of their key responsibilities. Sit down with their supervisor and make a plan to review their first week’s activities and assign a mentor or work buddy.

3. Set up a comfortable work station for the new hire. Take the time to make sure the infrastructure is set up, such as computer, access to a printer, their phone is set up, business cards are ready, and any other basic but important items are ready so they can step in and get busy.

4. Don’t make new employees “learn the hard way.” Every Florida business has its own culture, policies, procedures and traditions. Don’t embarrass the new hire because you haven’t oriented them to “how things are done” at your company. For example, if your company has a “casual Friday dress” policy, make sure new employees know this before their first Friday. Share policies and procedures that are in writing as well as any unwritten nuances.

5. Track your onboarding process and improve it over time. Aim to refine your orientation process so that it becomes easier, faster, more consistent and standardized as much as possible.

6. Check in with your new hire on a regular basis for the first 3 months. You can do an informal check in or schedule a meeting ahead of time to ensure the process is going smoothly. Get feedback from the new hire on how they think the onboarding process is going so that you can make improvements to the process in the future.

When it comes to onboarding your new Florida employees, the Internet is an important tool. Setting up and utilizing a cloud-based employee on-boarding system will help you standardize, streamline and coordinate the process. Happy employees are more productive employees. If you’re looking to improve your company’s bottom line with current new employee orientation tactics, you will be richly rewarded for making your company’s recent hires feel valued and supported. And if you’re interested in learning why so many businesses turn to Lanier Upshaw for their Florida commercial insurance needs, click here to learn more about the upside of risk.