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March 14, 2017
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Lanier Upshaw Receives Accredited Engaged Organization Award

Engagement Multiplier Award - Florida Business Innovation - Florida Business Insurance

For Immediate Release

Lanier Upshaw is pleased to announce that it has received an award as an Accredited Engaged Organization in 2016 from Engagement Multiplier. This is the top award for those organizations that successfully score as an Engaged Organization for two quarters in a 12-month period. The award recognizes the actions Lanier Upshaw has taken to improve engagement in their Florida based insurance and risk management business, and is presented to a very exclusive group of businesses recognized for going above and beyond, in creating a truly Engaged Organization.

To qualify for an Engagement Multiplier Award, companies must demonstrate they have implemented a process to measure employee engagement every 90 days and have a system in place for actionable feedback. Companies must provide a tool for employees to confidentially and anonymously share their views, supported by a commitment by leadership to improve engagement levels.

About Lanier Upshaw

Lanier Upshaw was founded in 1941. Since then, the agency has grown to 70 employees with offices in Lakeland and Tampa. Running a thriving business does not come without challenges. From the constantly changing business landscape to driving innovation and recruiting talent, business risks are always lurking. Exploring and understanding the impact of these client challenges is the first step to finding the upside in business risk, and Lanier Upshaw embraces these challenges head on, helping guide clients to determine the upside of risk. www.lanierupshaw.com

About Engagement Multiplier

Engagement Multiplier is an online program that gives companies the power to measure and improve employee engagement and unlock their true potential. Engagement Multiplier helps companies measure and continuously improve employee engagement with a suite of feature-rich surveys, customizable reporting, and secure communication tools. www.engagementmultiplier.com