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Are All Those New High-Tech Holiday Gifts Covered?

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It’s the season for giving – and also for getting. Most of us tend to add to our accumulation of tangible assets during the holiday season. And, in today’s world, the gifts are often digital, and sometimes very expensive.

From dolls that carry on full conversations with your child while interacting with iPads to virtual reality video systems, electronic gifts get more sophisticated every year. There are huge, smart, curved televisions now connecting to smart home controlled systems. We now have the ability to control our lighting, security systems, thermostats, garage door status, and use integrated digitally controlled cameras to monitor children or pets. It’s certainly a brave, new, electronically-based world, and one that begs the question: “Will all your new technology be covered by your insurance?”

These new technological wonders are classified as “appliances, fixtures, computers, home entertainment units or other types of electronic apparatus.” Blackouts, brownouts and power surges or other power-related problems are more common these days, particularly at times of huge demand surges. People are steadily adding to their digital households, both in number and value. It’s important for you to check with your agent to make sure your investment is covered by your homeowners’ policy or a special coverage provision should you experience a problem with your devices.

Don’t overlook the fact that many of these digital items are located in a basement, which is a potential area for flooding in many states. It’s a good idea to make sure you have adequate flood insurance to cover your personal property adequately before you need to make a claim. This December, while humming your favorite holiday tune and longing for the latest technological buying temptation, don’t forget to check that you have proper insurance protection for all your high tech gadgets and devices.

Want to find out how Lanier Upshaw can help you ensure your technology-based gifts will be covered this holiday season and beyond? Contact us here to learn more.