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New Cyber Security Risks Expected to Appear in 2018

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A new report by security firm McAfee says cyber attackers will develop new strategies in 2018. After a year of devastating cyber breaches and attacks, online criminals are expected to be even more destructive in 2018. Cyber attack risks include malware creators, phishing, ransomware and other scams. There is even a risk that cyber attacks will come from companies selling smart home devices.

The report, published by McAfee Labs, isn’t expecting a rise in the number of attacks on newer online protection systems such as biometric IDs or two-step verification processes. It is expected that some of the greatest threats will come from companies that already have consumer data. The report predicts that ransomware scams will not be as prevalent as they have been in the past because they have proven to be less profitable for cyber hackers. However, the report warns that we have only seen a taste of what’s to come as hackers turn to new types of attacks that are expected to damage computers and system networks.

Hackers will target wealthy individuals and will get creative at trying to hack into connected devices, which often have less security than computers and smartphones. It is expected that hackers will continue to innovate at a fast pace and adjust to security defense systems. There will be an increase in the use of cyber attackers for hire as a service, allowing more cyber criminals to have an impact. Such attacks could be sold to individuals or organizations seeking to incapacitate political, national and business adversaries.

Privacy is expected to be eroded as consumer data, including data about children, is hacked and marketed by device companies. There will be an increase in the use of data generated by children as a marketing data source.

2018 is expected to be critical year for development of preventative security measures that will protect consumer privacy, data and content. One preventative measure that experts recommend for protection from hackers is to change your passwords frequently. Be cautious about what you install on your computer and other devices. For more information about how Lanier Upshaw can help you mitigate your risk with cyber security, click here.