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Safeguarding Your Valuable Holiday Gifts

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If you happened to be fortunate enough to receive some expensive holiday gifts, especially jewelry, art, or smart toys, extra precaution should be taken to safeguard those gifts. They fall into several top categories targeted for theft including cars, smart phones, jewelry and cash.


The holiday season is a peak time for giving or receiving expensive jewelry. A complete record of the gift should be required and kept in a safe place. The following information should be included in the jewelry purchase record:

  • Purchase price
  • Full description of item
  • Appraisal
  • Photographs of the item from several angles.

Check with your insurance agent to ensure your new jewelry will be covered. It’s best to call your agent to discuss the type of policy protection needed, to provide the proper documentation for coverage, and to do it early in the year to ensure you don’t forget. You may need to get a formal appraisal from a reputable source.


High quality art can easily cost thousands of dollars. Transportation is a primary consideration when purchasing expensive artwork. Art can be easily damaged or stolen in transit. General shippers may not have expertise needed to properly transport an expensive piece of art. Your best bet is to hire a specialized transportation company that will pack and ship the art using the right procedures, with adequate coverages. If you’re transporting the artwork yourself, make sure you get it insured prior to transport. It’s important that you maintain adequate records related of your artwork. Keep a full description, including a report on the provenance, and photos, in a safe place.

Smart Toys

Smart toys pose a a risk for theft, and today a more modern risk in the form of cyber security. Here’s what toy-buyers should be aware of when it comes to smart toys:

  • Any toy that can be connected to the home’s Wi-Fi network. These toys can become an access point for hackers to gain confidential information.
  • Smart phones are one of the top items targeted by thieves, they are often costly devices and often contain highly confidential information.

Don’t wait to ensure the safety of your new smart toys, art and expensive jewelry, you can discuss your insurance coverage needs with a Lanier Upshaw agent today. Please contact us here, for a complimentary consultation.