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5 Ways to Help Your Business Recruit Top Talent

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Human resource professionals across many industries are finding it increasingly difficult to hire highly talented employees. Health, social assistance and manufacturing industries appear to be having the toughest time recruiting qualified candidates, but most industries are having a tough time across the board.

In a recent study conducted by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), researchers found that there is an increasingly difficult recruiting and hiring environment due to fewer applicants, lack of work experience among candidates, increasing competition from other employers, a lack of technical skills and local educational programs producing insufficient qualified candidates.

Lower unemployment rates and an increasing number of job vacancies in recent years has resulted in a critical need for employers to get noticed in a crowded job market. Here are 5 ways employers can improve their chances of standing out.

  1. Communicate a consistent recruitment message

A company’s reputation is extremely important, especially in today’s recruiting market. In order to maintain your company’s reputation, you need to prioritize the “special sauce” that is your company’s brand. Your brand should broadcast to potential candidates why they should want to work for you. For example, include things like how your company facilitates a collaborative work environment or the community involvement that is supported by your company.

  1. Define and communicate your company culture

Communicating your company’s culture will help to attract the employees that you want, while simultaneously culling those who aren’t a good fit. At its core, a statement of culture should reflect your company’s mission, vision and values. The real experiences and sentiments of your employees are the essence of your company’s culture. Look for values that challenge your employees to do their best every day. Try to include information about your culture on your website and in all job postings.

  1. Invest in employee benefit programs and highlight them

To stay competitive, your company needs to offer a well-designed benefit package, and many larger employers are investing heavily in their benefits packages. Smaller employers may need to think outside-the-box to stay competitive, with benefits larger companies may not offer such as flexible work schedules, telecommuting, on-site snacks or a shadowing program that will help employees expand their job skill set. Be sure to clearly communicate these extra benefits and share them with prospective employees.

  1. Develop employee ambassadors

Even when you’ve done your due diligence developing your company’s employer brand, culture and benefits, finding top talented candidates is still a challenge. Consider enlisting your current employees as recruitment ambassadors. Ensure they are accurately communicating the best attributes of your employer brand by engaging them in the development of the brand messaging. Make sure they are aware of all aspects of the brand, including your cultural attributes and the job perks. Consider offering a training session to communicate your recruitment elevator pitch and company talking points, and review how they can use social media to instantly reach potential candidates.

  1. Monitor your online reputation

In today’s online universe, job candidates have easy access to a vast amount of information about your company, including ratings and reviews. Glassdoor is one such site that offers an online forum for employees to describe their work experiences with companies. Make sure your company is fairly represented by ensuring there is a good balance of reviews and responses to negative ratings. While you can’t undo negative criticism, you can respond with transparency and demonstrate your willingness to listen and make improvements if warranted. Set up Google Alerts to keep tabs on what is being said about your company online.

Use these 5 strategies, and remember to continually measure and innovate, to help attract top talent to your company’s applicant pool. Contact Lanier Upshaw, Inc. to learn how your company can provide innovative employee benefits and risk management programs to help both your business and your employees. Contact us here to learn more.