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5 Tips to Help Your Job Posting Stand Out

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Recruiting is becoming progressively more challenging in the current climate. Your job posting is often your very first contact with a potential employee, and in this competitive job market, you need your job posting to stand out. It’s important that the position, responsibilities, hiring process and your company is represented with the highest degree of accuracy and professionalism. There are a few considerations to keep in mind when developing your job posting.

  1. Verify that there is an actual vacancy to fill. Don’t “fish” for potential future candidates.
  2. Review applicable non-discrimination and equal opportunity employment laws.
  3. Remember to be honest and realistic.

Here are 5 tips to help make your job posting stand out.

  1. Create a high impact headline

A well-developed headline will help you stand out from the crowd and attract potential candidates. Build critical information into the job title by being descriptive. Give candidates as much information as possible while giving them a reason to want to read further.

  1. Showcase your company brand

It’s essential to provide a company description and image that expresses your organization’s brand or image. Ideally, your company’s brand should attract the type of employees you are seeking. Some of the major qualities that contribute to your company’s brand include:

  • Specialties in the industry or service area
  • Size of company
  • Where the company is located
  • Any recognition or awards your company has won
  • Employee philosophy, career development, community involvement opportunities
  1. Detail the job description

Include critical details about the job, such as:

  • Responsibilities
  • Minimum and preferred qualifications (education, experience, certifications, etc.)
  • Hours required, flex time, remote work policy, contractor vs. employee, etc.
  • Where the job is located, can some or all be virtual
  • Highlight benefits, including vacation time, health plans, wellness programs, etc.

If you haven’t built a job description for the position yet, consider using an interactive sample job description builder that will help you create a customized, professional job description in a few minutes.

  1. Offer clear directions on how to apply

Provide specific steps on how to apply, such as whether to use an online application process or submit information in an email. It is a good idea to link to your website’s recruitment page, and if you don’t have a recruitment page you should consider investing the time to do so. Be explicit as to what the candidate should include, such as a resume, portfolio or work samples, application forms, copies of professional certifications, etc.

Tip: If you’re looking for someone who pays attention to detail, include special instructions in your job posting for them to copy and paste a specific line into their application. If the candidate includes this special sentence when applying, you know they are paying attention to the details of the job posting.

  1. Review for impact, errors and omissions

Review your job posting with current employees in the same or similar position. Do they find the positing compelling? Can they offer refinements? It’s really important that there are no errors in your job posting. Have a colleague proofread your work – a fresh set of eyes can really make a difference.

In today’s recruitment market, job seekers are able to be selective when it comes to applying for jobs. If your job posting doesn’t stand out, there’s a good chance they will disregard your posting and move on to the next one. Use these 5 strategies to ensure your job posting will portray a job vacancy that talented job candidates will find appealing.

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