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Businesses Need to Build a Cooperative Future with AI

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Though many industry insiders have predicted that artificial intelligence (AI) will lead to massive layoffs, a recent study conducted by SAP and the Economist Intelligence Unit found that many highly-skilled individuals will be needed during the shift to AI and beyond. The people part of business isn’t going anywhere.

The integration of machine learning into business will require completely new roles and responsibilities for humans. New skills to build or work with advanced algorithms will need to evolve, to work “cooperatively” with the machines. The researchers found that 75 percent of the organizations that participated in the survey are already seeing benefits from AI. These industry leaders say that they expect to retrain employees as they increase their use of intelligent automation.

It seems the most successful businesses of the future will embrace machine learning and artificial intelligence. As organizations transform digitally, new technologies such as Big Data, the IoT and machine learning will be needed to thrive. Avoiding the urge to resist the change will be critical to future success.

Businesses that want to be successful in the future will need to build teams that work together to develop the organization’s AI learning capabilities over time. For example, teams of data scientists, business analysts and application developers will need to collaborate to develop new concepts and capabilities in order for the business to stay relevant and responsive to the market demand.

In the future, people will still be involved in the day-to-day operations of a business, but at a higher level – managing, analyzing and making decisions based on the machine learning output. The enterprise of the future will innovate faster by partnering with machine intelligence.

Early adopters of AI have recognized that the value of machine learning comes with the right combination of human and digital work. They understand the value of embracing the organizational and cultural shifts that are required to succeed with machine learning. As a result, they are not only ahead of the game, but by adapting their organizations, they already have a head start integrating human and machine in order to gain a competitive edge.

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