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5 Ways to Engage Employees for Higher Productivity in the Workplace

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Engaged workers stand apart from their less engaged counterparts because of the extra effort and motivation they bring to their positions. According to Gallup’s latest State of the American Workplace report, only 33 percent of employees in the U.S. are engaged at work.

The engaged worker willingly goes the extra mile, works with passion, and reports a strong sense of loyalty and connection to their company. These are the employees most likely to drive innovation and move businesses forward. And whatever engaged employees do – such as solve problems, innovate, and build new customer relationships – actively disengaged employees will tend to undermine.

A majority of the workforce is not engaged. Most employees reluctantly head to work, lack energy and passion for their jobs. Converting this group of employees into engage workers will help any organization increase performance and sustainable, long-term growth.

A few factors to consider when deciding to improve employee engagement is the company and its leadership. You can’t expect staff to become engaged if there isn’t a clear message for them to embrace. Before you can work on employee engagement, make sure the following is in place.

  • Company goals and vision should be clear and concise
  • Employees must understand the vision and goals
  • Ensure there is a clear link between the employee’s work and the company’s goals
  • Employees need to clearly understand how their work impacts the success of the business
  • Leaders of the organization need to be present and able to motivate the workforce
  • Managers need to be equipped with the skills to lead a team to success

Once these factors are in place, it’s time to get to work on increasing employee engagement. Here are 5 strategies to help drive your team to success.

  1. Get to know your employees.

Spending time with your employees and getting to know them will go a long way toward building a positive relationship with them. Ask them questions that show you care about them as an individual. Research shows that employees that genuinely feel valued tend to be much more engaged in their work and performance.

  1. Provide your employees with the tools needed for success.

Make sure your employees have the equipment and training needed within their specific job descriptions in order to build their confidence. If an employee is uncertain about how to handle a situation, productivity can come to a grinding halt. Additional coaching or training, if needed, is a worthwhile investment in order to boost the engagement level of the employee.

  1. Encourage teamwork among your employees.

When a group of people work together toward achieving a goal, the sense of camaraderie and success becomes infectious. Developing a strong team gives employees a sense of greater purpose. Working as a team toward a company goal can be incredibly satisfying and allows them to bounce ideas off each other to ultimately meet the needs of customers. Teamwork adds a sense of cooperation, consideration and confidence in each other as well as the company as a whole.

  1. Allow your employees to grow and develop.

When your employee was hired, you saw potential in their abilities to help your company grow. Now, as their manager, you need to give them the ability to use their skills to do their assigned job. Taking an active role in the development of your team members demonstrates your confidence in them as well as faith in the future of the organization. It also helps employees feel significant, a sense of community and valued. Help your employees establish goals that are in alignment with their strengths, interests and experience by working with them to create a development plan. Mentorship relationships can also foster positive and productive working relationships.

  1. Recognize your team and their hard work.

It’s important to recognize employees for their achievements when they go above and beyond to do good work. You can do this by highlighting team members during regular meetings, recognize them based on peer nominations, creating a Slack channel to call out jobs well done and award employees of the month based on manager and peer reviews. Be sure to give your team the opportunity to showcase their work and tie individual achievements into the team’s achievements.

When your employees are engaged, the workplace becomes an environment filled with positivity and productivity. Workers that are engaged feel like part of the team and, in turn, work together to help lead your business to successful outcomes. The benefits of engaged employees will have trickle-down effects throughout the entire company. Those who show up with pride and motivation provide a higher quality of service to your customers, which leads to higher customer satisfaction. An increase in customer satisfaction tends to result in rising profit margins. In turn, shareholders receive a better return on investment. Employee engagement is a necessary part of a thriving, productive workplace with a strong foundation that leads to success that some only dream of having.

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