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5 Tips for Building High-Performance Teams

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Every company needs high-performing teams to reach success in today’s business environment. Top-performing teams are charged with energy and encourage team members to achieve goals they thought impossible. Working on a high-achieving team makes work enjoyable, exciting and an adventure every day.

A high-performing team requires a high performing leader. Exemplary leaders have passion and integrity. They are positive influencers and help others achieve their goals. A first-rate leader strives to impact the organization by fostering improvements in the company processes and lives of its people.

Here are five key leadership factors that build high-performance teams.

  1. Inspire team members

The best team leaders inspire more than they drive performance. They know how to generate energy and enthusiasm on the team. In response, members feel inspired to focus on the mission of the team and believe their work is meaningful and valuable to the organization.

  1. Build cooperation

Conflict between team members can team teams apart. It is imperative that team leaders help members resolve conflict and build a cooperative spirit. High-performance teams address issues quickly and directly. This requires a level of maturity on the part of the team members. Fostering a sense of trust helps the team resolve disputes. Teams that foster a sense of cooperation are the ones that achieve outstanding results.

  1. Convey vision and direction

The best team leaders know how to inspire by sharing a vision for the team, while providing guidance and direction. They know that helping members stay focused on the vision will help avoid distraction or getting lost on a tangent. High-performing teams help members keep their eyes on the prize and stay on course until the task is accomplished.

  1. Set powerful goals

The best leaders know how to set goals that may seem unrealistic at first, but eventually something will click and the team will begin to move towards excellence. By setting phenomenal goals, leaders are intentionally focusing on the best, and the team will follow suit. People want to come to work and achieve something extraordinary; the best teams recognize they are exceptional and their satisfaction, engagement and pride in their work will increase as the leader expects them to accomplish the “impossible”.

  1. Trustworthy

It is imperative that team members implicitly trust their leader. If a leader can’t be trusted, the team will not be able to perform well. A trustworthy leader knows how to build strong relationships, is knowledgeable or has specific expertise in the field and is consistent. Being consistent means “walking your talk” in all that you do. When a team leader fosters trust among team members, it provides a strong foundation for the team to be built on.

Hiring the right people is only the first part of building an exceptional team. Leaders need to understand how each member will work together and complement one another. Top leaders recognize the importance of inspiring, building cooperation, communicating a vision, providing direction, setting strong goals and fostering trust is even at the earliest stages of forming a new team, and how hard it is to change later if you don’t get it right the first time.

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