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Property & Casualty Insurance

Strong business leaders have their finger on the pulse of their organization. But you have a lot to think about.

While you strategize about growing your business, we'll be behind the scenes protecting it. A partnership that truly helps you elevate – that's Lanier Upshaw.

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Employee Benefits

Your people are your most valuable asset. Are you doing what it takes to keep them around?

The war for talent rages on and standardized employee benefits are table stakes. Top talent is looking for employee benefits that meet their unique needs, that they can clearly understand, and that are flexible to their lifestyle.

Employee benefits are no longer just an expense. They are a competitive advantage.

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Risk Services

Your business is complex and unique, and so are the risks it faces. To be an elite organization, you need to embrace risk head on.

Our Risk Services are about elevating your risk programs to world-class levels so that risk never has a chance to undo what you are building.

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Small Business Owners [UpStarts]

Whether you launched your new venture last week or your great grandfather started it four generations ago, small businesses are upstarts. You blazed your own trail and embraced risk along the way.

But the risks facing small business owners today are dramatically different than they were just a few years ago. As a business owner, you don't have the option of turning a blind eye to risk. We are there for small businesses to help them explore the unknown, embrace the reality of those risks, and elevate their game.

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