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7 Tips for Insuring a Teen Driver

So, the time has come and your teenager needs auto insurance. Take a deep breath and read on! You want the diver to be protected while […]

Walmart Tests Driverless Car Grocery Pickup Service

The future is here and will soon be delivering groceries. Multinational retail chain Walmart has partnered with Waymo, Google’s self-driving car project, to test a pilot […]

How Will Driverless Vehicles Impact the Auto and Insurance Industry?

By Clint Rhoton While it may seem like a scene out of a science-fiction novel, self-driving cars are now a reality. Even more incredible is that […]

Smartphone Entry Security Challenge for the Auto Industry

A hot topic within the auto industry today centers around connected vehicles. A connected vehicle is wired with cutting-edge technology and “connected” to the internet.  Auto […]

Auto Sales Declining in Florida and Many Other States

The number of households that do not have a car has become more common than 5 years ago. According to the American Census Bureau, there was […]

Will GM Cars Be Your Next AirBnB?

General Motors (GM) is rolling out a pilot program that will allow car owners to rent out their vehicles when they are not using them, similar […]

Could Driverless Cars Increase Florida Traffic?

In the mind of many experts, autonomous vehicles are inevitable. There is widespread interest in self-driving cars, thanks to Google, a pioneer in the self-driving car […]

Follow These Steps for Faster Storm Related Claim Reporting

If you need to make a storm related claim, a little preparation can go a long way to a faster and easier claims process. Under the […]

How to Prepare for the Florida Hurricane Season

Hurricanes usually hit Florida between June and November. A hurricane can be 100+ miles wide with severe rain and destructive winds from 120 to over 250 […]

Are Driverless Vehicles Coming to Florida Roads?

Are driverless trucks and cars coming to Florida roads? And who pays for an accident with a driverless car if it happens? Driverless vehicles may be […]