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Tips for Protecting Your Florida Vacation Rental Home

As a Floridian vacation rental property owner, there are many things you need to consider to ensure your vacation home is a successful and profitable investment. […]

Selecting the Right Siding and Doors To Weather the Storm

When a hurricane is predicted in your area, undoubtedly your first thought is to ensure your loved ones are safe and decide whether you will need […]

Selecting the Best Roof to Minimize Hurricane Damage

The 2019 Hurricane Season (June 1 – December 1) is upon us. And while you can’t make your home and property invincible to high winds and […]

5 Ways Landscaping Affects Your Property Value

Spring is here, and for many people, that means it’s time to start working on lawn chores and landscaping updates you have in mind for your […]

Spring Cleaning Tips: How to Improve the Value of Your Home

Warmer weather brings the opportunity to get your house into tip-top shape. Spring cleaning and maintenance is more than just making your house look better. Cleaning […]

Is Your Home Protected from Sinkhole Damage?

You’ve probably seen news coverage of sinkholes swallowing houses and you may be wondering if your home would be covered if a sinkhole causes damage. Property […]

High Florida Groundwater Major Contributor to Inland Flooding

The threat of inland flooding in South Florida is increasing due to high groundwater levels and the need to protect fresh water from salt water intrusion. […]

5 Smart Ways to Secure Jewelry from Home Theft

Just in case you received a shiny new piece of valuable jewelry for the holidays, or were fortunate enough to already have some, you may wish […]

Florida Home Burglary Prevention Tips

Home burglary is a serious concern for all of us. According to the Bureau of Justice, there are 84.4 home burglaries or theft per 1,000 homes […]

4 Florida Cities Named in Forbes 2016 Top 25 Cities for Retirees

For many Americans, retiring in Florida is the American dream. Palm trees gently swaying in warm breezes, expansive beaches, eco-adventures, wildlife expeditions, fabulous shopping,  and outdoor […]